Tianjin Tianduan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. was established in Tianjin High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park. It was renamed as a professional hydraulic press manufacturing co., Ltd. with optimized configuration on the basis of Tianjin Tianduan Hydraulic Press Co., Ltd. It is the only high-end equipment manufacturer at home and abroad which is composed of integrated equipment, secondary kneading, feeding control equipment, pressing cylinder assembly, cooling system and other auxiliary machines to manufacture columnar carbon with high quality.


The company has strong technical force. With senior professional technicians in hydraulics, electrics, machinery and molds, we independently research, develop, design and manufacture different types of columnar carbon forming equipment and production lines for four-column and frame hydraulic presses. Production and sales of control systems, electrical boxes, hydraulic components, activated carbon molding equipment, auxiliary machines and accessories for columnar activated carbon molding production line; Undertake the project development of various hydraulic systems and the maintenance and transformation of various forging equipment at home and abroad. The company has always followed the principle of development by technology and survival by quality. With excellent service, reliable reputation and reasonable price, we have won the praise of our customers.


In recent years, with the rapid development of metallurgy, oil and gas pipe industry, the manufacturing industry of related equipment has also been promoted. With the strong support of metallurgy and pipe industry, our company has become increasingly mature in the development and manufacturing technology of related equipment, auxiliary machines, tooling and molds, replacing imported products, and has achieved good results and won the trust of users.


Over the years, the development of hydraulic press products has included more than 70 different patents in 12 series, as well as dozens of special new products that are applying for patents and transforming results.


In view of the development of metallurgy and pipe-making industry,  our company has formed a capable force to serve this industry, and has made certain achievements in the development and manufacture of special equipment and molds,  which has been well received by users.  Gradually established a large number of customers who trust and support each other, and established a long-term cooperative partnership.


In recent years, in order to improve its own technical ability and product level, the R&D center of our company has been committed to developing application products in cooperation with aerospace, affiliated institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences and large military enterprises, and has carried out technical transformation experiments on imported equipment such as Aerospace Materials Research Institute, Xifei and Xi 'an Aero-Engine Group in the aerospace field, so that its non-performing assets can play a role again and achieved remarkable results. Extensive technology and product frontier development has been carried out with China Iron and Steel General Institute, and the cited experiments of key materials such as aircraft carriers have been successfully developed. Engineering institutes and universities have jointly cooperated in production, learning and research, and achieved fruitful results. Weapons and other units have provided application platforms, vigorously carried out technological innovation, strengthened the construction of enterprise R&D centers, provided advanced manufacturing equipment for explosive experiments, smart wear, safety protection, etc., and formed an enterprise-oriented technological innovation system and effective operation mechanism to enhance enterprises.


Our company keeps pace with the times and is at the forefront of the national industrial policy. In recent ten years, we have invested heavily in the development of environmental protection products equipment and automatic production lines. In order to meet the upgrading of environmental protection products manufacturing equipment and production lines at home and abroad, we have invested a lot of manpower, financial resources, material resources and all possible conditions. Through unremitting efforts, we have developed product molding production equipment, auxiliary machines and production lines suitable for different users, different regions and different material products. The equipment has high reliability, reasonable matching of main engine and auxiliary machines, low energy consumption, high production efficiency and complete safety guarantee measures, which have won unanimous praise from the activated carbon industry at home and abroad, making our activated carbon equipment and production lines develop by leaps and bounds, with a market share of over 90%. Customers continue to eliminate production equipment with backward production capacity, low quality, poor reliability, unreasonable automation and low production efficiency and replace our new equipment with high efficiency, energy saving and high reliability.


With the support of our partners, our company's scientific and technological innovation projects have been increasing, and we have received financial support and awards from government departments for scientific and technological innovation achievements.


The design and manufacture of forging equipment, auxiliary machines and related products that the company is engaged in has been audited and approved by the state and conforms to the catalogue of China High-tech Products. Since its establishment, the company has been continuously recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a Tianjin high-tech enterprise.


The company advocates the principle of customer first and quality is life, and strives for perfection regardless of the value of products. Track, supervise and control every link such as product parts and process routes. Since 2005, it has obtained the ISO9001 quality system certification, and completed the enterprise GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001 standard certification in 2023.


Companies adhering to the integrity of management, customer first, depending on the quality of enterprise life enterprise philosophy.


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