In 2019, the Technical Progress Award of Hydraulic Hydropneumatic Seal Industry was announced.

From January to July, 2019, the application and evaluation of the industry technical progress award was announced. A total of 77 projects were declared by enterprises, research institutes and universities, including 47 hydraulic projects, 12 hydraulic projects, 7 pneumatic projects and 11 sealing projects. The expert evaluation committee composed of 17 members of the expert committee of the liquid airtight association led by academicians of China Academy of Engineering participated in the project evaluation. All the projects have gone through the stages of pre-trial, preliminary evaluation by professional evaluation team, comprehensive evaluation by evaluation committee, online publicity and approval by management committee, and 46 outstanding award-winning projects have been selected. Among them: 4 grand prizes, 3 first prizes, 13 second prizes and 26 third prizes; The award-winning ratio was 59.7%, and 372 scientific and technological workers were awarded. In addition, 12 declared projects were classified as deferred evaluation because the materials needed to be supplemented.

According to industry statistics, the hydraulic industry won 28 awards, the hydraulic industry won 4 awards, the pneumatic industry won 5 awards and the sealing industry won 9 awards. According to the category of awards, there are 11 award-winning projects for technological inventions, including 1 grand prize, 3 second prizes and 7 third prizes. There are 34 award-winning projects for technological progress achievements, including 3 grand prizes, 3 first prizes, 10 second prizes and 18 third prizes; The technical popularization achievement won 1 prize and won the third prize.

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