630-ton gantry mobile steel pipe straightening machine

◆USES and features


There are four groups of vertical V-shaped conveying rollers, two groups of rotating rollers and two groups of V-shaped lower dies with changeable positions in the longitudinal direction of the fixed ultra-long workbench. The gantry frame with main pressure head and main hydraulic station is located on the workbench and can be moved along the length direction for straightening. In the straightening position, the pressure head is equipped with a precise micro-motion device. In the micro-motion state, every time the button is pressed, the pressure head descends by a constant micro-stroke to ensure the best straightening effect. The pressure head can straighten the required position on the circumference of the steel pipe, and the steel pipe can rotate along the circumference 3600, so that the straightened steel pipe can meet the use requirements. The auxiliary hydraulic system is located at one end of the workbench, which controls the lifting of four groups of longitudinal conveying roller tables and two groups of rotary roller tables to meet the needs of lifting steel pipes for longitudinal feeding and 3600 rotation.


◆The main technical specifications

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