Environmental protection equipment activated carbon production line

◆USES and features


This machine is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials, such as bending, flanging and sheet stretching. Can also be engaged in calibration, press fitting, grinding wheel molding, cold extrusion metal parts molding, plastic products and powder products press molding process. This machine has independent power mechanism and electrical system. With centralized control of buttons, three operation modes can be realized: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic. The working pressure, pressing speed and stroke range of this machine are adjustable. And can complete semi-automatic work cycle. There are two kinds of forming actions to choose from: constant pressure and fixed distance. The power system of this machine adopts advanced cartridge valve system integration. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reliable action and convenient maintenance. The degree of universality is high. There is also a foot switch in front of the workbench, which is convenient for operation and realizes semi-automatic working cycle.

◆The main technical specifications

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