TDY27 series single-action sheet stamping hydraulic press

◆USES and features

Single-acting series is mainly used for drawing and bending of sheet metal parts. In order to expand the process scope, it can also be used for correction, press-fitting, blanking and punching in a certain pressure range. It is generally suitable for the forming process of sheet metal parts in aviation, automobile, machine tool, instrument chemical industry and other industries.The control system of this series is equipped with adjustment and semi-automatic working mode. Semi-automatic is suitable for general process action and drawing process action. General process action is divided into two process actions: one with ejection process and the other without ejection process. The main hydraulic control system adopts all plug-in integrated blocks, and the high-pressure pump adopts inclined shaft variable pump, which improves the reliability and service life of the action and reduces the hydraulic impact. It has higher idle distance and working speed, thus improving productivity.

◆The main technical specifications


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